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Parab3llum has been building and maintaining databases for decades. During our auditing process we'll determine the database and architecture that is most appropriate to your needs. We'll then implement a highly reliable, fault tolerant and performant database either in the cloud or on your premises.

As your business grows we'll be there to maintain and tune your database to ensure optimal performance.

Authentication and Security

The threat of hackers and malicious software continues to grow. Parab3llum has highly trained engineers that specialize in hardening software and reducing attack surfaces. We implement VPN's, geo blocking, two factor authentication and secure token systems.

Parab3llum understands security and has the expertise and experience to implement the robust protections necessary to handle sensitive government data.

Secure and Trusted Communication

Parab3llum has built many secure communication links for government and business. We understand that secure communication depends on both people and cryptography. Secure communication that is hard to use will not be always be used.

Parab3llum has employed user interface experts to ensure that the secure communication we implement is easier to use than email and other alternatives.

System Architecture

The creation of a system architecture that will meet your needs now and in the future can be a daunting task. At Parab3llum this process is always led by a senior engineer that will audit all levels of your organization.

This audit allows the senior engineer to fully understand your business process, make recommendations for efficiency improvements and then develop an architecture to implement it. To ensure clarity of execution this same senior engineer is assigned to manage the architecture implementation.